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Nice but...

You don´t really what you are doing. I had fun for a while but then I was just pushing buttons. What does it mean when I upgrade attack opposed to speed? The difference shows nowhere, I don´t even know it is there.

A games inputs have to respond to me and give me feedback.
I mean what is the difference between health and defense? How much life do I have exactly, if I upgrade attack will I need 2 fewer slices to kill a skeleton? Flesh out this part a bit more.

Nice remake but nothing more

I think on it´s own this is a good game but warning forever is better.

Nice little inside joke but...

The Gameplay is very repetitive and slow. So all in all I don´t see me playing it to the end.


Every jump´n´run needs some special dynamic, something that makes it worthwhile playing. This game definitly has it!

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Elephant love

You have a thing for elephants, am I right?

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Retry Button or Menu Button

I like it, one thing though, which in my oppinion should be mandatory for all games, it needs a menu button or a retry button. I don´t want to reload the page every time I´m stuck or want to get back to the menu.

It grows on you

Man this game is addicting. At first it was a bit too hard for me and I stopped playing after some levels although I loved the level design and overall idea. Which is why I came back again and again. And you get a lot better over time^^

It is a tad too hard but I thing the fact that you cannot lose makes up for it.

I love the back kick

Seriously the ability to kick backwards is something I really missed in other sidescrolling fight games without even knowing it.

Too many basic mistakes

Ok this has just too many basic mistakes. Regardless of graphics, animation skills etc. some things just have to be right. Here are some pointers:

- Not every game had a back button to go back in the menu. I had to reload this page a couple of times to try all games.

- Similarly not every game had instructions, that´s just plain bad. Tell me at least which buttons I have to hit.

- Also you have to get the hit mechanics right, if you do a fighting game you have to be at least able to hit your opponent.

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Great game

Great, great game! Loved the Final Fight series and this is as good. One thing though, the "L" attack is too strong. I can spam it all the time and it will kill all normal henchman.

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